Thursday, March 1, 2012

Church sits by silently ...

The Church sits by silently ...

I am not angry as much as I am frustrated with trying to be civil to people who
do not deserve civility.
People who need the sharp point of a boot in their asses, not the gentle
guidance of a child, though they act very child-like.

There are times I want to point to someone and say "There you can see why Christians were so persecuted.
NOT because they believed in Jesus, but because they are tunnel visioned cock
roaches who think they have been given a divine connection to the earth's

There are millions of churches in this country, and they cannot keep their doors open unless someone is putting money into the collection basket each week; meaning that there must be MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Christians in this country that attend church and who donate/tithe their money so that the church can continue God's work (I'm not including the millions who say they are christian but attend no church).
What are the Churches saying today about our morality concerning our killing of innocents in foreign lands?


.....Oh wait, I CAN hear a couple of churches.
What are they saying?......
Obama is a Muslim and doesn't belong here?.......
He's making the world unsafe by withdrawing our troops from Iraq?.........
They want him to send in more troops to fight the Muslim extremists?.......

There are no political terrorists in the world and longer, they are all now HOLY terrorists.
They are attacking God's people to overturn God's will, and change the Western
christian world into Sharia law.
They're not angry at us for slaughtering their babies, they hate Jesus.

We sent a troop surge of 50,000 into Afghanistan within weeks of our own C.I.A.
saying there were "less than 100 Al-CIAduh" in the country.
50 thousand troops for LESS THAN 100 men.
We have KILLED 100 times more innocents with collateral damage than there were terrorists.

All of this war, that is either encouraged by some churches, or allowed to proceed in "complicity by silence" by others, creates chaos for the populace being attacked.

The warhawks are foaming at the mouth at the thought of us going to war with Iran.


Who do you think would believe such a crock of bullshit?
It's about money and it always HAS been about riches for the conquerors and their accomplices.

Why do YOU think it is SO important to have a religious man as President of this
To bring us "back to God"?
You have to know as well as anybody else does that that will NEVER, EVER happen.

And what would HAVE to happen to GET this country back to God's way?

They are pretending this is the crusades again, and the end-times are upon us so we have to fight for Jesus, as if WE can control the day he comes back by bring Armageddon upon ourselves.

It is about control of resources.

It is about digging more oil wells.

It is about fracking more grasslands

It is about cutting down more forests.

It is about mountain-top removal, and tar-coal sands and unrestricted corporate
control of resources, INCLUDING THE VERY FOOD SUPPLY,.... world-wide;.... at the
expense of whomever and whatever is in the way.

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