Sunday, August 7, 2011

You still don't believe it

America has just suffered the first in a long line of many set-backs to come.
China has been clawing at our back door for too long now.
It is all over but the crying now folks.

Thanks to the Tea Party, it is now official, COMMUNISM WINS OVER DEMOCRACY.

OH the irony.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can you ignore them all?

That man or woman working next to you?
Your Mother, Brother, or cousin?
He/She is not some kind of pencil.
When it breaks, do you just go get a new person and it does the same thing?
They're your co-worker, your lawn keeper, your hairdresser.
You chose, and choose, these people based on your comfort and satisfaction level.
Ask any mother, "Can you just let anyone sit your kids?
The answer is likely "NO", and do you know why? because all people are not the same.
They are not just expendable cogs in the wheel. Even neighbors are irrepalcable sometimes. I know.
You have lunch and coffee with these people and discuss your lives and families.
They're your neighbors and your friends.
How can we sit idly by while they struggle and fall under from mounting medical bills that soon turn into mounting debt?
We say "Boy, they sure were nice people, too bad for them.", or "I hope they can get what they need somehow, they really deserve it.", then we turn around and start our party. WOOO_HOOO.

They CAN get what they need.
They NEED medical attention, and they need health insurance that follows them from job to job, in order for them to move from job to job to continue to improve their living situation. Health insurance that lasts while they are looking for a new job after being "downsized" from their current position.
Health insurance that is not dependent on if you are lucky enough to be employed by a company that offers that sort of benefit.
In an industrial world wide economy, in which all of the competing players give THEIR own people this kind of peace of mind, the country that is in a death spiral is pulling it's people completely out of the race.

Single payer health care could have provided that peace of mind to ALL Americans.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long over due.

What year is this?
What century is this?
The world is connected by an electronic web. Information flows faster than water from your tap.
People are able to access millions of bits of information and when they do take the time to do it on this subject, ALL of the information comes back as positive.
And still Marijuana is illegal.
Think about this for one minute.

If cigarettes, booze, and pot were all illegal, given what you know about each of these, which would you choose to make legal were it up to you?
There cannot be a sane, informed person in the world who can intelligently argue for the legalization of cigarettes and booze over pot.

This is the argument we need to be having, because these Nazis are not going to let any sunlight shine on the statistics and figures that show this is an atrocity that is being pulled on the American public, working men and women, and unfortunate families of this country.

Do you want jobs in this country?
Do you want industry to thrive in this country?
Do you want farmers to work again?
Do you want healthy nutritious foods that aren't filled with anti-biotics and growth hormones?
Do you want water that is fresh and pure, that grows fish that you can eat more than once a week?

All of these things are possible with Hemp!

Do just a little research on this matter and you will come away angry and dismayed at the mentality of this country, and of the world for that matter.