Thursday, October 27, 2011

The rich create the jobs.....

What fu@%ing country do you live in?
What Year is it?
Do you know your name?

     These are all questions you might ask a stroke victim.
Instead, we must ask these questions of the people who spout such nonsense as "The rich create the jobs".

Thursday, October 27, 2011;
     Money is NOT worth LESS
     Money is WORTHLESS!

The dollar today is printed out of thin air. There are trillions of them floating around.
The real elite do not have, nor want, DOLLARS.
That is PAPER.

Dollars are for dullards.
     Dollars are for the peon masses. Dollars are dirty and therefore only kept by the unkempt. The rich? They demand something more......tangible today.

The "dollar" economy cannot help but collapse upon itself.

But first, let's go back a minute;

     There was a time.................. a time long gone by now, when the rich people of this country DID create the working class, the middle class.

The rich from the "robber baron" years, along with many other people of science, mathematics and culture, brought on the industrial revolution.
Along with giant industry, were brought millions of jobs as inventors came up with every new thing they could that ran on electricity, gas, coal and/or steam.
Soon the country was producing unique, helpful products and ever new machinery, and they needed people to build, sell, and otherwise distribute these products around the country.
     They were easily able to ramp up production of military equipment for the country when WW2 came along. By the time "The Big one" was over, prosperity flushed the nation.
Now America's ingenuity (and dominance) was recognized around the globe.
We were now making the most advanced, technologically forward products at home and around the world.
     The people who worked these jobs prospered, and they hired people to fix their furnace, remodel their basement, update their electrical service. 
     The people who did THOSE jobs ate at restaurants, needed to keep their vehicles running properly, and their wives got their nails done.

     Those were the days.......

But those days are now longggggggg goooooone, as my favorite baseball announcer would have said.

Today's rich are not re-stimulating our economy.
Instead, they are enriching the economies of many other Nations FIRST (and foremost), and they are using the same M.O. on the rest of the free world; 

     "If you raise taxes on the rich, they will flee the country".

    That is EXACTLY what they told London, helping Tony Blair to back down on his pre-election speech that he would raise taxes on the rich and corporations.
     The rich are no longer creating jobs here, other than that of chauffeur, doorman, and waiter/ess, and these jobs do not translate into the snowball effects described above "in the good ol' days". 
They relate to an economy that is service worker, and below.

     People will no longer be able to pay the price for services that they could afford when we were in the "OLD" economy, so electricians can expect to accept less for their work, or not get any work. Same with plumbers, hair dressers, auto mechanics, and the rest.

     There just isn't going to be any money out there to afford the scale of prices that were common for these trades then. Everybody will have to accept less and scale back in the new economy coming to America.

     Lets stop kidding ourselves. The "good old days" are just that, the good, OLD, days.

     We must now prepare ourselves for a NEW time, a new era, a new ZEITGEIST.
We must now become our OWN job creators. We will again start to barter with one another for our services and goods.
     Families are going to decide they simply cannot afford to live in a house by themselves and take in, or move in with, other family members to help meet the bills. 
     There will be less money to keep 2 and 3 cars per family, and cars will be kept for longer periods than was the norm.

     But we'll still be able to run the country with the tax money that will come from the ultra-rich and corporations who want to stay here and pay their fair share of taxes, or hit the road and have no American base for right-offs and rebates.

     We do not need corporations to create jobs in America.
We have the man-power, we have the technology, we have the raw materials, and we have our own tenacity to succeed.

Look out world, we can change it again....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Being a HERO

What does it mean to be a Hero?

     The word hero sure gets thrown around a lot lately.
     over the ages, the word hero has changed and had several meanings. Of course it has always been used to identify someone in the community who has done a(n) heroic deed, such as saving a drowning child, etc...

     Lately it seems like anybody who carries a gun is referred to as a hero.
     This is when things started to get "weird" for me.
     Calling Firemen and EMT's 'heroes' was fine with me.
They do a job where they are likely going to have to save somebody's life.
Firemen and EMTs will often do some dangerous things to get to and rescue a victim and some of that work is certainly "Heroic".

     Then they started calling cops Heroes.
Okay. Again, in the line of his work, a cop MAY come across a situation where he can do something heroic, but this is a known possibility when one chooses this profession. And the compensation isn't too bad either.

     To then just call ALL of them heroes is to begin to diminish The honor that the title is meant to bestow.
Many today have started calling soldiers heroes.

     This is where we have to stop and question ourselves; 

     "just WHO really IS a hero, and then, are not we all in some way?

     My preference would be that we call people who do heroic things, Heroes.
We cannot call people heroes just because they strap on a gun, and in my opinion it is HARDER to get that title if you DO have a gun.

     A hero is called such because he risked/gave his life to save another/all.

     Shooting up a drug house or 'safe haven', or shooting up the wrong house and killing grandmothers and children, do NOT qualify as 'heroism'. Those who choose this line of work know this when they sign up, and more often than not, the RISKS of the job are the most likely reason they choose this line of work.
     So we can hardly call people a hero for 'doing their job'.

     My greatest thanks to those who HAVE demonstrated heroic qualities in concern for their fellow man. May your examples be an inspiration to all.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

You still don't believe it

America has just suffered the first in a long line of many set-backs to come.
China has been clawing at our back door for too long now.
It is all over but the crying now folks.

Thanks to the Tea Party, it is now official, COMMUNISM WINS OVER DEMOCRACY.

OH the irony.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can you ignore them all?

That man or woman working next to you?
Your Mother, Brother, or cousin?
He/She is not some kind of pencil.
When it breaks, do you just go get a new person and it does the same thing?
They're your co-worker, your lawn keeper, your hairdresser.
You chose, and choose, these people based on your comfort and satisfaction level.
Ask any mother, "Can you just let anyone sit your kids?
The answer is likely "NO", and do you know why? because all people are not the same.
They are not just expendable cogs in the wheel. Even neighbors are irrepalcable sometimes. I know.
You have lunch and coffee with these people and discuss your lives and families.
They're your neighbors and your friends.
How can we sit idly by while they struggle and fall under from mounting medical bills that soon turn into mounting debt?
We say "Boy, they sure were nice people, too bad for them.", or "I hope they can get what they need somehow, they really deserve it.", then we turn around and start our party. WOOO_HOOO.

They CAN get what they need.
They NEED medical attention, and they need health insurance that follows them from job to job, in order for them to move from job to job to continue to improve their living situation. Health insurance that lasts while they are looking for a new job after being "downsized" from their current position.
Health insurance that is not dependent on if you are lucky enough to be employed by a company that offers that sort of benefit.
In an industrial world wide economy, in which all of the competing players give THEIR own people this kind of peace of mind, the country that is in a death spiral is pulling it's people completely out of the race.

Single payer health care could have provided that peace of mind to ALL Americans.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long over due.

What year is this?
What century is this?
The world is connected by an electronic web. Information flows faster than water from your tap.
People are able to access millions of bits of information and when they do take the time to do it on this subject, ALL of the information comes back as positive.
And still Marijuana is illegal.
Think about this for one minute.

If cigarettes, booze, and pot were all illegal, given what you know about each of these, which would you choose to make legal were it up to you?
There cannot be a sane, informed person in the world who can intelligently argue for the legalization of cigarettes and booze over pot.

This is the argument we need to be having, because these Nazis are not going to let any sunlight shine on the statistics and figures that show this is an atrocity that is being pulled on the American public, working men and women, and unfortunate families of this country.

Do you want jobs in this country?
Do you want industry to thrive in this country?
Do you want farmers to work again?
Do you want healthy nutritious foods that aren't filled with anti-biotics and growth hormones?
Do you want water that is fresh and pure, that grows fish that you can eat more than once a week?

All of these things are possible with Hemp!

Do just a little research on this matter and you will come away angry and dismayed at the mentality of this country, and of the world for that matter.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

‘What Would Jesus Cut?’: Christian Leaders Urge Obama To Protect The Poor In Debt Talks

‘What Would Jesus Cut?’: Christian Leaders Urge Obama To Protect The Poor In Debt Talks: "pAn “unprecedented” coalition of religious leaders are coming together to urge President Obama not to sacrifice the needs of the poor in negotiations to reduce the nation’s debt. Leaders from the Episcopal Church, the Salvation Army, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Association of Evangelicals, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the [...]/p"

FINALLY! The Church(s) has been silent for too long on social, and international crises.
Where has been the outcry for the innocents who are killed daily in a war that was based on lies?
So it has taken you a while.
I am glad to see you stepping back into the fold.

Friday, April 8, 2011



     It's hard to sit quietly these days and watch the animals roar over each other to be the loudest of the pack.

I'm an independent minded guy, I like some Republican candidates and I like some Democratic candidates. I listen to what they represent and decide whether that is what is important to me.
But to listen to some of the rhetoric today, one would think that there is only ONE party that will save the nation.
I have been a voter for over 30 years now. I have seen them come and I have seen them go.
There is NO one party that can, or will do the job of setting this nation back on it's feet.
It took the complicity of both parties to bring us here and it will take the work of both parties to get us out of this mess.
But we are a nation divided right now.
We just went through a leadership that promised to be a "uniter, not a divider" and all we got was a trillion dollar sink hole and more further apart than ever before than any time I can remember.
Now we have a new President.
He promised to change the status quo in Washington, change the way things worked, give the voters their voice back in government.
Instead he has surrounded himself with many of the same old tired pol pals, ensuring the continuance of the "good old boy's" club, and there is little difference in policy, even extending the last administration's wars, renditions, and attacks on the people's rights with the unPATRIOTic Act.

$1 trillion dollars.
Man, wrap your mind around that for a minute.
A trillion dollars is a heck of alot of dinero.
Now, there were a lot of wheels in motion that brought us to our knees, but the act of taking us to war against a country that posed no threat to us, and against a group that could not be found, has really come back to bite us HARD.
We have spent over a trillion dollars on this "war" so far, and what has it gotten US?
What, exactly, has our folly wrought us?
Do we have access to more oil?
Do we have cheaper oil?
Have our countrymen been put back to work building war equipment like in WWII?
Has our economy rebounded because of this war?

What could we have done instead with that trillion dollars?
What would our economy look like today had we spent that money on rebuilding our infrastructure, putting in mass transit trains across the country, making funds available to small business instead of corporations?
What could we have done with a trillion dollars spent HERE?

Who knows? We will NEVER know now. The money is GONE, never to return.
SOME people made multi-millions from the war though.
It did enrich a select few.

And today we have a groundswell of people calling for the return of the very people who enriched themselves at OUR expense.
I hear churches outright degrading our President for not expanding the war. CHURCHES, complaining that we aren't killing enough heathens. Meanwhile, they are the same people complaining that we cannot afford, or do not want, national health care.
It is all just so mind bending.
How does one rationalize in one's mind that we don't have the money for health care for our citizens, but we give the Iraqi people free health care with our tax dollars.
What kind of world is it when churches are complaining that we aren't spending enough money on war?
We don't have the money for health care for our children or parents, but we have to stop abortion?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2012 may come early

My current fascination is with the 2012 scenario.

     There is a lot to contemplate concerning the "indicators" to trouble ahead, if you follow that sort of thing.
      It occurred to me today that in all of the uncertainty of the 'end time', I am pretty sure of at least one thing; 2012 may not bring the global catastrophes of the Mayan's or Nostradamus' supposed predictions, but it sure as hell looks like it will be a time of dire straits in the U.S.

     People know that something  is fundamentally wrong, but they are being assured at every possible moment with reports that things are getting better.
Still, the lie is becoming obvious to even the most casual observer now.

     Many say we have become a dependent people (as though the great masses are all on welfare and/or medicaid), relying on the government to give us everything (Yeah, that's me alright. Where's my freebies?).

But they're right....we HAVE indeed become a dependent people!

It is NOT a dependency on the gov't to give out freebies however.
It is a dependency that we ALL share;

-We are all depending on there being gallons of fresh, clean water to come pouring out when we turn on a faucet.
-We are all depending on a light to come on when we flip a switch.
-We all depend on a refrigerator to keep our food fresh.
-We depend on there being enough fuel to run our furnace in the Winter.
-We even depend on the trash being taken away every Tuesday morning,
-And we depend on jobs that will pay for all of these things to happen for us in the land of milk and honey.

     What are our representatives doing?
Increasing military spending.
Giving control of our food supply over to pharmaculture.
Reducing restrictions on coal and natural gas extraction.

      Where are the jobs?

-We have over 750 military bases around the globe.
-458 V-22 jets that took 25 years to develop and it still has problems, each costing 119 million dollars.
-Over a Trillion dollars for wars against an invisible enemy.
-Banks that made bad investments, mistakes, and/or outright fraud are rewarded with Golden Christmas bonuses....thanks to your tax dollars (I guess the millionaires are hurting more than you are).
-Multi-billion dollar coal and oil industries getting tax breaks.
-The insurance industry just got handed a guaranteed 40 million more participants.

We are ALL being screwed over by the corporate, military complex our representatives have sold themselves to.
What did you get for Christmas? 

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
---President George W. Bush (2004)