Thursday, October 27, 2011

The rich create the jobs.....

What fu@%ing country do you live in?
What Year is it?
Do you know your name?

     These are all questions you might ask a stroke victim.
Instead, we must ask these questions of the people who spout such nonsense as "The rich create the jobs".

Thursday, October 27, 2011;
     Money is NOT worth LESS
     Money is WORTHLESS!

The dollar today is printed out of thin air. There are trillions of them floating around.
The real elite do not have, nor want, DOLLARS.
That is PAPER.

Dollars are for dullards.
     Dollars are for the peon masses. Dollars are dirty and therefore only kept by the unkempt. The rich? They demand something more......tangible today.

The "dollar" economy cannot help but collapse upon itself.

But first, let's go back a minute;

     There was a time.................. a time long gone by now, when the rich people of this country DID create the working class, the middle class.

The rich from the "robber baron" years, along with many other people of science, mathematics and culture, brought on the industrial revolution.
Along with giant industry, were brought millions of jobs as inventors came up with every new thing they could that ran on electricity, gas, coal and/or steam.
Soon the country was producing unique, helpful products and ever new machinery, and they needed people to build, sell, and otherwise distribute these products around the country.
     They were easily able to ramp up production of military equipment for the country when WW2 came along. By the time "The Big one" was over, prosperity flushed the nation.
Now America's ingenuity (and dominance) was recognized around the globe.
We were now making the most advanced, technologically forward products at home and around the world.
     The people who worked these jobs prospered, and they hired people to fix their furnace, remodel their basement, update their electrical service. 
     The people who did THOSE jobs ate at restaurants, needed to keep their vehicles running properly, and their wives got their nails done.

     Those were the days.......

But those days are now longggggggg goooooone, as my favorite baseball announcer would have said.

Today's rich are not re-stimulating our economy.
Instead, they are enriching the economies of many other Nations FIRST (and foremost), and they are using the same M.O. on the rest of the free world; 

     "If you raise taxes on the rich, they will flee the country".

    That is EXACTLY what they told London, helping Tony Blair to back down on his pre-election speech that he would raise taxes on the rich and corporations.
     The rich are no longer creating jobs here, other than that of chauffeur, doorman, and waiter/ess, and these jobs do not translate into the snowball effects described above "in the good ol' days". 
They relate to an economy that is service worker, and below.

     People will no longer be able to pay the price for services that they could afford when we were in the "OLD" economy, so electricians can expect to accept less for their work, or not get any work. Same with plumbers, hair dressers, auto mechanics, and the rest.

     There just isn't going to be any money out there to afford the scale of prices that were common for these trades then. Everybody will have to accept less and scale back in the new economy coming to America.

     Lets stop kidding ourselves. The "good old days" are just that, the good, OLD, days.

     We must now prepare ourselves for a NEW time, a new era, a new ZEITGEIST.
We must now become our OWN job creators. We will again start to barter with one another for our services and goods.
     Families are going to decide they simply cannot afford to live in a house by themselves and take in, or move in with, other family members to help meet the bills. 
     There will be less money to keep 2 and 3 cars per family, and cars will be kept for longer periods than was the norm.

     But we'll still be able to run the country with the tax money that will come from the ultra-rich and corporations who want to stay here and pay their fair share of taxes, or hit the road and have no American base for right-offs and rebates.

     We do not need corporations to create jobs in America.
We have the man-power, we have the technology, we have the raw materials, and we have our own tenacity to succeed.

Look out world, we can change it again....