Thursday, November 29, 2012

I made too much money!?!

  • YES, I AM a liberal....
    But I have never endorsed anybody's lazy-lifestyle.
    Yes, I AM a liberal....
    But I have never endorsed anybody's "dependency on Gov't".

    I AM a liberal, but I believe that means I am for;
    freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of travel, right to privacy, right to assemble, right to referndum.

    As a liberal, I have never endorsed the concept that a healthy person sit at home watching T.V., eating Bon-Bons, while living off of my tax-dollars.

    I believe we all have a RESPONSIBILITY to those hard working men and women of the Country; the carpenters, doctors, nurses, firewo/men and the artists, who are making life in America worth living.

    But this is NOT that America anymore.
    I have watched this country go from a time where there was plenty for all.
    Anybody who really wanted ajob could have one, one that paid well enough to keep a household.
    I myself made $45 thousand dollars a year, without a high-school diploma, back in 1995.

    Some would say I made too much money.
    To them I ask why didn't the companies and corporations make too much money?
    Because they gave me a job, I should have been so grateful that I would willingly work for $20 thousand?

    What did I do what all of that money I made?
    Look around you, and you will see every dollar every worker ever made, right in front of your eyes.

    What did the corporations do with the $BILLION$ THEY made?
    Look up and down your roads and see the empty buildings and houses, and you will see what they did with THEIR MONEY.