Sunday, March 25, 2012

A stick and a carrot

Ron Paul is THEIR carrot.
Are you Jack-ass enough to follow it?

Look at the caliber of people they have presented here.
Not a single one could muster enough people dumb enough to vote to allow one of them their finger on a nuclear trigger.

EXCEPT; Ron Paul, of course.

Sure, he has a couple of real bumps that would be hard for folks to take, but hey, he's talking about ending the wars.

Think about that for one minute......

A President Paul would have WHO, and WHAT, in the House and Senate to deal with?
WHICH of his policies are THE most likely to see through?

The end of the wars?
Who in Congress has been talking about that?
Not the Republicans.
Not very many Democrats either.

How likely is he to get the backing needed to retract the arms-sales race?

How about his other policies?

Deregulation of vast industries.
This one he will likely get traction on.
I imagine every district of Congress has a need for jobs, and what better way than to deregulate everything?

So yeah, we'll get some jobs back.
At what cost?
Only Gahd knows.

Then there's his policies on health care.....OR should I say LACK of health care policy?
OR, better yet, his lack of care about health care....and pensions..... and Federal disaster emergency funds....and Medicaid.....and Social Security.....and Medicare.....

Well, we'll just HAVE to sacrifice SOMEWHERE, right?
He'll get the traction he needs for this too.
They'll move the retirement age up to 72 cause, you know, people are living longer now, even as they poison us with our phood and fluoridate our water along with heavy-metal pollutants.

The pipeline will roll across the Great Plains. Covering a diversity of ecosystems, some farmland, some grazing, and some of it wildlife fly-overs, while it staggers South, over the Oglala Aquafier, THE source of fresh water for millions of people in several States, until finally reaching the Gulf of Mexico.
All of this is going to happen even though the one year old Keystone pipeline 1 (YES, as in the first 1) has had over 30 leaks since it went online.
A leak last year sent thousands of gallons of tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River, near Lake Michigan.

I don't know about you but, I don't see a carrot....
....I smell a RAT!

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