Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Conservative values?

Only in the mindset of the conservative can one find the polarity of abortion and health care.
On the one hand, conservatives like to say they are "pro-life" (as if anybody that is NOT a "conservative" is "pro-death"), yet they are dead set against universal health care.
How is it that one wants to demand that a pregnant woman deliver the baby to term, then turn around and refuse her and her children access to health care?
Now don't get me wrong, I AM against abortion myself.
I would NEVER suggest to someone that they get an abortion just because they were irresponsible.
To save the mothers life? Of course
In the case of rape? Of course.
But how can I tell a woman, a young girl, NOT to get an abortion when it is clear that she has no way of providing adequate health care for her baby?
If WE are going to insist that babies be brought to bear, then WE MUST be willing to provide our citizens with health care so that they themselves are healthy enough to care for their family, and their family is healthy enough to grow into fit adults.
When I put all of the pieces together it is even scarier.
Since Roe Vs. Wade in '73, it is said that more than 45 million abortions have taken place.
45 MILLION abortions!
That is a lot of babies, for sure.
Sad too.
Now let's take a look at our current economic situation.
Add those 45 million fetus' to our current society.
What would our country look like today, with 45 million more children and adults without insurance, without jobs, without hope?
It is imperative that we elect representatives that will work to fix the problems of joblessness, homelessness and health care access before we bring another child into a society that offers them nothing but despair and hopelessness.
In a society that offers hope and health, the abortion problem would likely dry up and next to disappear.