Friday, January 6, 2012



     I know well that people can get tired of hearing a point of view they disagree with. Ofttimes I just assume I am speaking with people who have open minds and WANT to learn something other than what they think they already know.
     Whenever I have conversations/debates with people, I like to come away with something to think about, hopefully expanding my way of seeing the world.
     I hope that they then are rewarded with observations of mine that help them see things differently also.

The insistence by some that the U.S. adopt Christianity as the National Religion, and the celebration of Christian National Holidays.

     I'll try today to HELP some understand the dynamics of the insistence by some in society to FLAUNT hurtful customs as respectful events that the offended observer(s) doesn't appreciate;

     Imagine that every September 11, the entire Muslim community in the U.S. had a great big party, and it was all over the news being touted as a good thing that everybody should have a big feast over.

It it a festive day for YOU?

     And yet THAT is what Judeo-Christian Holy-days force many American Indians and other cultures to endure.
     Thanksgiving is not a day that ALL Americans have a kinship to, and can participate in, without feeling that they are honoring something that was a tragedy at best.

We ALL have something to be thankful for.
We should ALL be able to participate in such a day, and feel GOOD about it.

     Drop the commercialism associated with the day, "Black Friday", and put your Pilgrim hats and bulky brass buckles away and let's just call it a day for all Americans to reflect on the good friends, family, and health in our lives.

     Say to those with whom you converse; "thanks for listening/helping me open my mind to larger concepts and truths". 

Today's "Season" is little less than a celebration of gluttony, consumerism, and opulence.
     Too many of our neighbors cannot relate to the large table loaded with a feast that only too few will enjoy.

Manitou Mimi
"Gentle Spirit", believe it or not.

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