Sunday, February 20, 2011

2012 may come early

My current fascination is with the 2012 scenario.

     There is a lot to contemplate concerning the "indicators" to trouble ahead, if you follow that sort of thing.
      It occurred to me today that in all of the uncertainty of the 'end time', I am pretty sure of at least one thing; 2012 may not bring the global catastrophes of the Mayan's or Nostradamus' supposed predictions, but it sure as hell looks like it will be a time of dire straits in the U.S.

     People know that something  is fundamentally wrong, but they are being assured at every possible moment with reports that things are getting better.
Still, the lie is becoming obvious to even the most casual observer now.

     Many say we have become a dependent people (as though the great masses are all on welfare and/or medicaid), relying on the government to give us everything (Yeah, that's me alright. Where's my freebies?).

But they're right....we HAVE indeed become a dependent people!

It is NOT a dependency on the gov't to give out freebies however.
It is a dependency that we ALL share;

-We are all depending on there being gallons of fresh, clean water to come pouring out when we turn on a faucet.
-We are all depending on a light to come on when we flip a switch.
-We all depend on a refrigerator to keep our food fresh.
-We depend on there being enough fuel to run our furnace in the Winter.
-We even depend on the trash being taken away every Tuesday morning,
-And we depend on jobs that will pay for all of these things to happen for us in the land of milk and honey.

     What are our representatives doing?
Increasing military spending.
Giving control of our food supply over to pharmaculture.
Reducing restrictions on coal and natural gas extraction.

      Where are the jobs?

-We have over 750 military bases around the globe.
-458 V-22 jets that took 25 years to develop and it still has problems, each costing 119 million dollars.
-Over a Trillion dollars for wars against an invisible enemy.
-Banks that made bad investments, mistakes, and/or outright fraud are rewarded with Golden Christmas bonuses....thanks to your tax dollars (I guess the millionaires are hurting more than you are).
-Multi-billion dollar coal and oil industries getting tax breaks.
-The insurance industry just got handed a guaranteed 40 million more participants.

We are ALL being screwed over by the corporate, military complex our representatives have sold themselves to.
What did you get for Christmas? 

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
---President George W. Bush (2004)

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